Document Reference NumberAW/1/10
TitleLarge bundle of holograph and typescript poem drafts originally held in a document wallet marked 'AW poem-drafts.
DescriptionSept 1976 - March 1978'. Includes numerous successive drafts for each poem. The majority of drafts have been numbered by Waterman and in most cases, poems have a date of composition, but not all have a title. Poems which have been heavily revised by Waterman, may feature revised titles. The file includes drafts for the following poems: 'Harmonies of Islington' (/1-13)); 'The Recognition' (/14-20); 'Conjurings', includes drafts entitled 'To the Unknown Lover' (21-33); 'Fuel Reading' (/34-38); 'The Winter Talent' (/39-42); 'The Scent' (/43-49); 'The House that Jack Built' (/50-53); 'Encounter', incorporating elements of Waterman's poems 'Beyond the Map' and 'The Recognition' (/54-56); 'The Tempters', missing drafts 1 & 2 (/57-59); 'High Tide: Channel Islands, 1959', a revised version of 'High Tide: Jersey, 1959' (60-63); 'Greenhead Ghyll' (64-77); a bundle of poems entitled 'The Boppo Poems' (78-94); 'The Tasserty File', a bundle of a revised poems from 'The Boppo Poems' (/95-109); 'Declarations' (110); 'George Gissing' (111); 'Along the Evenlode' (112); 'At the Seas Edge' (113-122); 'Pictures from Donegal' (123-136); 'The Ballad of Red House Gaol' (137-138); 'Four Ages' (139-145); 'Since Last', originally entitled 'Transitions' (146-152); a collection of 6 poems entitled 'Declarations', 'Merry Christmas', 'Free Fall', 'Storm', 'Continuing' and 'Surreal' which form part of the 'Love Sequence' of poems (153-178); 'Winter Lightning', a revised version of 'Storm' (179); 'Surreal', a revised version of Waterman's earlier poem (180); 'From a line by Delmore Schwartz' (181-187); and a bundle of miscellaneous drafts and notes found at the end of the file, including drafts of 'Encounter (188-206).
DateJun 1974-Mar 1978
Extent206 items
AccessStatusAvailable for general access
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