Brief guide to searching
You can watch a short guide on searching our catalogue here:

There are two main ways to search the Catalogue, simple and advanced searching.

Simple search
The simple search is accessed via the "Google-style" search box in the top right hand corner of any of the CalmView pages. It will search across the Title and Description fields of all records / collections. Where more than one term is entered, the default is an AND search – i.e., the Catalogue will search for entries containing all of the terms that you have entered.

Advanced search
Please click the "Advanced Search" box in the left hand menu to access this. It enables you to perform "Any text" field searches, and also to search specifically on certain fields.

Refine advanced search criteria
By default, a search will look for the word or words you have entered. However you can choose to change the default search criteria by clicking the “Refine Search Criteria” option to include all the words; at least one of the words; or without the words.

Wildcard searching

You can use the asterisk symbol * as a wildcard in any part of a word to widen your search. For example entering tunnel* will bring up tunnels, tunnelling, tunnelled, and tunnel. Entering *ground will bring up underground, overground etc. Adding an asterisk to the end of a word will allow you to search for both the singular and plural versions of that term, e.g. if you type marriage* into the search engine, you will find results for the words 'marriage' and 'marriages'. Typing marri* will find results for ‘marriage’, ‘marriages’, ‘married’, and ‘marries’.

Searching only University Archives or Society for Libyan Studies collections

To exclude all collections other than SLS ones, please choose “Society for Libyan Studies” in the Repository Box. To only search for University Archives collections, choose “university Archives” If you do not choose anything in the Repository Box then searches will be made across both Society for Libyan Studies and University Archive collections.

Searching for all records in one "fonds"

If you would like to browse any archive catalogue as a whole, try the following method:
  • Use Advanced Search
  • Type the collection reference prefix, e.g. ULA, LMA, followed by an asterisk, into the Document Reference Number field and the word “Fonds” (which means “collection”) into the Level field.
  • The Search Results page will give you a list of the different sections of the catalogue. Click on the number in the Ref No box and this will take you to that section’s catalogue record. Click again on the number in the Ref No box and you will see the tree view. The entries with a small + sign next to them have been catalogued; click on the + to open up that section of the tree and browse the records.
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