How do I make arrangements to see the documents I identify in the Archives Catalogue?
For University Archives please make a note of the full Document Reference Number of the document in question and email to make arrangements to view the item. Please note that we operate an appointments system so you do need to book in advance. See for further information.

For Society for Libyan Studies collections, please use the contact details at to make arrangements to view items.

I can’t find what I am looking for on the Archives Catalogue. Why is this?
We have a number of uncatalogued collections, or collections for which there is only a high level summary available within the online catalogue. Please email if you believe we hold the information you are looking for but are struggling to find it on the Catalogue.

Work is underway to add more records to the Archives Catalogue.

It may also be worth trying different search terms. Searching the Catalogue will only find the exact words used in the catalogue entry. It is often best to start by searching for simple, one word search terms.

Personal and place names may vary in spelling and format, so you may need to try entering alternative spellings in order to find all relevant records.

A useful tool is the ‘wildcard’ asterisk. Please see the ‘How do I search the Catalogue?’ section for details of this and other search methods and options available.

Why can’t I see images of documents in the Archives Catalogue?
Most of our catalogue records do not have images attached. Where images are available, they are low resolution thumbnails rather than high resolution surrogates. Visit Special Collections Online for a selection of digital surrogates from our on-going, selective digitisation programme.

I’m interested in consulting the document/s I’ve found on the Archives Catalogue but I am unable to visit in person. Are any other options available to me?

Please email for guidance. We may be able to provide you with a copy, carry out a brief search on your behalf or provide you with contact details for a private record researcher.

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