Document Reference NumberD27
TitleField Notes and Drawings on Gsur, Agedabia [Ajdabiya] to Benghazi and Ghemines Area.
DescriptionManuscript drawings and notes relating to Zaviet el Gsur, Gasr el Chadri, Gasr el Uscisc, Gasr en Neheid, Gasr Faraschid, Gasr el Atarash, Gasr el Ghesci, Gasr na [Noodhane?]. Gasr es Sira, Gasr Sciza, Gsur Gelida, [Mohammed el Homri - Between Battism and Slonta?], Ras El Hilal and Umm El [Mvaadam?]. The drawings and notes feature multiple names and initials including J. Eames, A. Frood, D. Smith, R. McG. and P.A.T. The smaller sheets were contained within the oversized drawing of Gsur Gelida which features manuscript note "Field Notes on Gsur. Agedabia [Ajdabiyah] (excl) to Benghasi and Ghemines Area."
Date16 May 1942 - 27 August 1950
Extent23 pages
AccessStatusAvailable for general access
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