Document Reference NumberD24/2/4/2
TitleVolume Two.
DescriptionThe first volume in the 1959 series features 115 photographs showing their journey from Metameur (Tunisia) to Sebha ("where the film ran out"). Sites and cities depicted within the notebook include (in order to appearance) Zuara, Tripoli, Bun Grain, Bu Ngem, Hun, Bir Gtefa (Gebes Soda) and Sebha.

The second half of the notebook features "other people's photos" which show Marseilles, Sidi Brusaid, El Djem, Metameur, Tripoli, Fezzan, Tuareg, Hut, Germa, El Hatir, Murzuk and Sebha.
Date9 - 22 July 1959
Extent46 pages
OtherNumberDAN 69
AccessStatusAvailable for general access
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