Document Reference NumberAW/1/7
TitleLarge bundle of holograph and typescript poem drafts originally held in a document wallet marked 'AW poem drafts.
DescriptionJune 1973 - Nov 1974'. Includes numerous successive drafts for each poem. The majority of drafts have been numbered by Waterman and in most cases, poems have a date of composition, but not all have a title. Poems which have been heavily revised by Waterman, may feature revised titles. The file includes drafts for the following poems: 'The Drop', a reworking of a 1971 poem entitled 'Laughing Man' (/1-9); 'He encodes her backward look', mostly untitled drafts (/10-15); 'In the Tunnel', mostly untitled drafts (/16-21); 'Coming Clean', (/22-26); 'Again, in passing' (/27-32); 'Great Basket' (/33-40); 'Ghosts' (/41-45); 'The Ploughman's Dream' (/46-47); and 'The House' (/48-50). The file also includes a collection of poem drafts written and collated by Waterman for a pamphlet published by Mandeville Press (/51-125). Originally entitled 'Mouths of Stone', the pamphlet was later retitled 'Epilogues' and was finally published as 'Last Fruit'. Of the 32 poems initially chosen and written by Waterman for inclusion in 'Epilogues', only 6 were eventually published in 'Last Fruit'. The bundle of poems, which was originally held together by a large bulldog clip, has been left in its original order and includes drafts of the following poems: 'Last Fruit', 'The Canal', 'Conversion', 'Question' (later retitled 'Answer'), 'Suburban Eden', 'Household', 'In the Dark', 'Climacteric', 'Ghosts', 'Behind the News', 'One more for the Personal Column', 'Legal Fiction', 'Dusk', 'Ties', 'On the Box' (revised version of Waterman's 1970 poem 'The Hosts'), 'In the Reading Room', 'Blues', 'Training Run' (a revised version of Waterman's 1966 poem), 'In a Cafe doorway', 'Incident', 'Lights Out' (a revised version of Waterman's 1970 poem 'The Suburb at Night'), 'Childish Dreams', 'Webs', 'Broken', 'Dawn' (a revised version of the 1969 poem 'Elements of Beauty'), 'A Song', 'Back Street', 'Beginning Again', 'Parched', 'Reaching', 'N.W. 1', 'Answer' (originally written in 1972 ) and 'Orphans'. The bundle also includes: a typescript copy of 'Mouths of Stone' with emendations by Waterman (/108); revised drafts of the pamphlet poems (/109-122); and two revised typescripts retitled 'Epilogues' (/123-124). The remainder of the file contains the following poems: 'Coming Down' (126-137); 'He woke' (/138-142); 'Refractions', originally entitled 'Man and Girl/Relationships' (143-149); 'From Ireland' (/150-151); 'The Ring', a revised version of Waterman's 1970 poem (/152); 'Talking' (/153-154); 'A Terminal Case', mostly untitled drafts (/156-160); 'Along the Evenlode' (/161-170); 'An Ulster Garland', mostly untitled drafts (/171-182); 'Those were the days' (/182-187); 'The Pattern' (/188-202); 'Daybreaks' (/203-204); 'High Tide, Jersey, 1959', with a copy of Waterman's original poem written in 1966 (/205-209); 'Come In' (210-219); 'George Gissing' (220-225); 'Peanuts in Troy' (226-239); 'Addiscombe' (240-244); 'Not on the Agenda' (245-246); and 'The New Babel' (247-253). The file also contains: a collection of dafts in various stages of development with a covering sheet marked 'Miscellaneous drafts collected from files Nov. 1974' (254-286); and a collection of poem drafts with a covering sheet marked 'Oddments taken from file 31/12/73 - mostly dating 1971-72' (287-294).
Extent294 items
ArrangementThe original order of the file has largely been maintained with the poems arranged in chronological order by date of first draft.
AccessStatusAvailable for general access
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