Document Reference NumberAW/1/2
TitleLarge bundle of holograph and typescript poem drafts originally held in a document wallet marked 'Drafts 1964-1967 [and] later revisions'.
DescriptionIncludes poems in various stages of development, with numerous successive drafts for a number of of poems. The majority of drafts have been numbered by Waterman and in most cases, poems have both a title and date of composition. Poems which have been heavily revised by Waterman, may also feature revised titles. The file includes drafts for the following poems: 'The Last of Summer (Richmond Park 1962)' (/1); 'The Quarrel' (/2); 'The Clerks' (/3); 'Beyond the Glass' (/4-7); 'Desert Camp', includes early drafts entitled 'Summer Rain' and 'In the Cage' (/8-19) 'Nuns' (/20-24); 'Time out of Life' (/25-43); 'Commuter Country' (/44-54); 'Emancipation' (/55-58); 'Training Run' (/59-60); 'Because I'm a Londoner' (/61-76); 'Room for Living', originally entitled 'Preserving Graveyards' (/77-83); 'Season in Jersey' (/84-93); 'Piccadilly Underground, including drafts entitled 'Piccadilly' and 'Down Among the Dead Men' (/94-104); 'New Bearings on the Edge of London', only one stanza of which was used for the final draft entitled 'Outsider' (/105-118); 'The Dormitory Suburbs', the first draft of which also includes an untitled draft of 'Outsider' (/119-120); 'Croydon Homecoming' (/121-142); and 'The Living Room', originally entitled 'Spring Fever' (/143-175). Also includes: a small bundle of undated poems, including 'A Contemporary Poem' (/176), 'View' (/177), 'Girls I never had' (/178-179), 'Middle Class Comforts' (/180), 'Take no Offence' (/181), 'Deaths' (/182-183), and 'Ballad of the geriatric ward' (/184); two untitled poems (/185-186); and a page of notes, jottings and observations written on the same page as a poem entitled 'Holiday-Jersey' (/187).
Extent175 items
AccessStatusAvailable for general access
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