Document Reference NumberAW/1/12
TitleLarge bundle of holograph and typescript poem drafts originally held in a document wallet marked 'AW poem-drafts.
DescriptionFeb 1980 - Dec 1982'. Includes numerous successive drafts for each poem. The majority of drafts have been numbered by Waterman and in most cases, poems have a date of composition, but not all have a title. Poems which have been heavily revised by Waterman, may feature revised titles. The file includes a folder of draft material for Waterman's long poem 'Out for the Elements', the contents of which has been left in its original order. The folder has been marked by Waterman 'Out for the Element drafts. discarded drafts.1980 - Jan-Sept 1980. OUT FOR THE ELEMENTS DRAFTS 1980' (/1-172). The remainder of the file contains drafts for the following poems: 'For Her 35th Birthday' (/173-180); 'The Visit' (/181-195); 'Retirement', (196-201); 'The Wives' Tale' (/202-216); 'Through Journey' (/217-233); 'Case Report' (/234-236); 'What It Is' (/237-240); 'At the Poetry Party' and 'Apologies for Abscence (241-245); untitled poem, first line reads 'Finding you beside me' (/246-250); 'Positive' (251-260); 'Viewing' (261-269); 'Table for Two' (270-276); 'Their Deaths' (/277-280); 'Deja Vu' (281-286); '1981' (287-301); 'Beauty and Truth' (302-307); 'Birth Day' (308-338); untitled poem, later published with the title 'Parable' (339-343); 'Outside' (344-347); 'Romance' (348-353); 'The World's Way', early drafts entitled 'Poetry' (354-363); 'Coming Back', early drafts entitled 'Addiscombe' (364-379); 'By the River Bann' (380-429); 'Relativity', later published with the title 'In Time' (430-432); 'Inhertance' (433-444); 'Cushendun' (445-465); 'Abroad' (466-476); and 'A Winter's Tale' (/477-487).
Extent488 items
AccessStatusAvailable for general access
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