Document Reference NumberAW/1/11
TitleLarge bundle of holograph and typescript poem drafts originally held in a document wallet marked 'AW poem drafts.
DescriptionIncludes numerous successive drafts for each poem. The majority of drafts have been numbered by Waterman and in most cases, poems have a date of composition, although not all have a title. Poems which have been heavily revised by Waterman, may feature revised titles. The file includes drafts for the following poems: 'Over the Wall' (/1-16)); 'New Born' (/17-19); 'On the Mend', (20-27); 'Near Tintern' (/31-33); 'Acounts Payable' (/34-50); 'The Interviews' (/51-57); 'The Lost Office', later revised and retitled 'Her Dreams' (/74-61); 'Gone' (/62-70); 'The End of the Affair' (/71-73); 'The Antennae of the Race' (/74-78); 'Gifts' (79-81); 'In Flight' (82-88); 'War Memoir' (/89-93); 'Suburban Eden', a revised version of Waterman's 1974 poem (94-95); 'Downhill all the Way', a revised version of Waterman's 1971 poem (96-99); 'Way Back' (100-101); 'Outsider' (102-106); 'Safe Castle' (107-110); 'The House' (111-112); 'Cast Up', a revised version of Waterman's earlier poem 'Cast Up on Lawns' (113-114); 'Then' (115-118); 'Photographs' (119-121); 'Time-warp' (122-124); 'Bunhill Fields' (125-129); 'Fragilities', a revised version of Waterman's 1975 poem (130-133); 'Stasis' (134-140); 'Composition' (141-148); 'That Place' (/149-150); 'The Poem's World' (/151-152); 'Tableau' (153); 'A History of Ideas' (/154-159); 'By Now', missing first draft (/160-173); 'Her Pain' (/174-175); 'Her Vengeance' (/176-178); 'The Other World' (/179); 'Preliminaries' (180-181); 'Outgoing', originally entitled 'Pathway Through' (/182-186); 'Derelict' (/187-193); 'Into the Woods', a reworking of 'Near Tintern' (/194); 'Her Dream' a reworking of Waterman's 1978 poem 'Lost Office' (/195); 'Not to Be' (/196-197); 'So He is Told' (/198-199); 'Anglo-Irish' (/200-217); 'The Gap' (/218-231); 'Psychopath' retitled 'The Flow' in Nov 1979 (/232-233); 'The Ould Boy' (234-239); 'When Pain Sweeps Over' (240-242); 'The Flame' (/243-248); 'Diagnosis', later rewritten and assimilated into a longer poem (/249-253); 'A Death in the Family' (/254-260); and a bunlde of notes and drafts collected by Waterman marked 'Miscellaneous Notes 1977-1979' (/261-273).
DateMar 1978-Dec 1979
Extent273 items
ArrangementThe original order of the file has largely been maintained with the poems arranged in chronological order by date of first draft
AccessStatusAvailable for general access
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