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TitleOriginal printed articles and pamphlets by Pearson.
DescriptionIncludes: "Jacob Wimpheling” (privately printed) 1882 (3) “Maimonides and Spinoza”, Mind, no XXI (1883) “Humanism in Germany”, Westminster...Review (April 1883) (3) “Meister Eckhart, the Mystic”, Mind vol XI no 41 (1884) “Martin Luther ...”, Westminster ... Review (Jan 1884) “The Kingdom of God in Munster”, Modern Review (1884) “The Kingdom of God in Munster II”, Modern Review (1884) (2), “Socialism and Sex”, Today no 39 vol 7 (1887) “Socialism in Theory and Practice” (2nd edn 1887), “The Moral Basis of Socialism” (1887), The Ethic of Freethought (1887) uncorrected proof) “The Woman’s Question” (privately printed) 1885 (3) “Enthusiasm of the Market-Place and of the Study”, South Place Religious Society No 5 (1885) (2) South Place Magazine No 2 (1905) Gresham College Lecture Notes 1893: The Laws of Chance (3), Abstracts of three articles on evolution and heredity in Proceedings of the Royal Society vols 54 and 57-59 (1893-5), “Mathematical Contributions to the Theory of Evolution”, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Series A, vol 192 (1899), “The Groundwork of Eugenics”, Eugenics Laboratory Lecture Series II (1909),E.M. Elderton, “The Relative Strength of Nurture and Nature”, Eugenics Laboratory Lecture Series III (1909) “Social Problems: Their Treatment, Past, Present and Future”, Questions of the Day and of the Fray (Dept of Applied Statistics, UCL) No 5 (1912), “Address to the Anthropological Section” British Association for the Advancement of Science, Section H, Cardiff 1920, “Old Tripos Days at Cambridge, as seen from Another Viewpoint”, Mathematical Gazette, vol XX no 237 (1936), “The Laws of Chance in Relation to Thought and Conduct” (reprint of first of Pearson’s Gresham College lectures), Biometrika, vol XXXII part II (1941)
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