Not all of our archive catalogue records are included in the Archives Catalogue and not all of our collections have been catalogued. We will be adding new catalogue records so please check regularly for updates.

Please note that the Archives Catalogue does not include catalogue descriptions for other University Library holdings, including rare books. Please visit the Library homepage for information about other Library holdings.

The University of Leicester was established in 1921 and has a strong tradition of developing its library collections. More recently, this has included the acquisition of archive material.

Our archive collection strengths include:

  • The University of Leicester Archives
  • Children's literature: notably the Reg and Ann Cartwright Archive
  • English local history: including the Thirsk Collection and Chaproniere Collection
  • History of Leicester and Leicestershire: including the Gorrie Collection and the Skinner Archive
  • Modern literary Leicester: major collections include the papers of Joe Orton, Sue Townsend, David Campton and Chris Challis
  • The Leicester Mercury Archive

The Catalogue contains descriptions of the archives we hold. Some are broad descriptions of an entire collection, while others describe individual documents and archives.

Not all of our archives are described on the Catalogue as yet. We will be adding more catalogue descriptions on a regular basis. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email and we will be happy to assist you.

In the past, the archive collections have been catalogued on a wide variety of different platforms and to different standards and levels of detail. Work is now underway to standardise the existing catalogues and to make these more accessible to everyone who wishes to use our collections.

We welcome enquiries from researchers who wish to use and explore our collections. Please address queries to

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